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Biological Protection, Tent System, Emergency System,
Decontamination Equipment, and Immobile Patients


Biological Protection

Individual protection items, transport bag for contagious patients and a special mobile chamber for patients isolation (for one of more person) including deocntamination in order to prevent dangerous microorganism spread (virus, bacteria, etc.)


Tent System

Individual portable inflation tents with equipments for the purpose of mobile workplaces creation to be used in case of critical situations (natural, transport of industrial catastrophes) of for the purpose of logistic unit nad creation to be used for field hospital forming (military or peace missions).


Decontamination Equipment

Portable decontamination inflation showers for individual decontamination or complex decontamination units for civili or military decontamination fully equipment.


Emergency System

Vacuum fixation means, stretchers and other means of transport, optimized medical ruckacks or suitcases, etc which are used in urgent medicine.


Immobile Patients

Antidecubital mattress, antidecubital pads, means for hygiene of immobile patients, etc.

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