Tragedy at St Mathew – the Emergency Tents Were Near by

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Tragedy at St Mathew – 

Tragedy at St Mathew has happened on 28th August 2013

at St. Matthew, on the east side of St. Paulo. In the collapse of a building under construction more than eight people died and many more were injured. The dead were removed from the rubble in the early hours of the day. More than 25 people injured. The emergency and firemen units were at place.  The Emergency Tents ES – 35TL supplied by EGO Zlin were used to help injured in this accident. It takes just around 3 minutes to inflate this emergency tent.

The Emergency Tents ES – 35TL are designed to be used in crisis situations, in which it is essential to ensure backgrounds and sufficient comfort for patient admission, medical treatment and hospitalization of the injured, staff, storage areas, etc. in field conditions. The main advantage of the system is sufficient stability of the inflatable construction without usage of supporting metal or plastic components. The tents are made on the basis of pressurized double-room tube construction.

The double-room system of the emergency tents ES – 35TL ensures sufficient stability in case of damage occurrence, thereby allowing the tents to be repaired. The tent roof is made of lightweight material; therefore the tents offer easy handling and transportation. They have a universal width in order to create various shapes and variations of mobile working places.

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