Bio Protection

The Bio Protection category has the products, which are used for a protection against highly dangerous microorganisms in the environment.

Tweet How Ebola Virus Could Go Airborne and Kill Millions Info from Experts Did you know that the top doctors as well as virologists are now saying the facts what Info-wars first reported – that the Ebola virus has mutated. This may results that Ebola virus have gone airborne and Ebola virus could kill millions. […]

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Tweet The High Contagious Disease Protection – a Biobox EBXT 60 in the Havirov hospital. The isolation negative pressure chamber Biobox EBXT-06 with inflatable tubular construction is designed for isolation and hospitalization of people with highly dangerous infection like birds flue, Ebola and various viruses. Therefore this Biobox EBXT-06 protects the surroundings from highly dangerous […]


Tweet The Most Dangerous Infectious Diseases Heavy headache, pain in muscles, high temperature. Are those symptoms of a common flu? Yes, they could be. But they are also early symptoms of Variola, Ebola, Anthrax and Q fever. Just to be aware of.  What stands true is that smallpox is the only infectious disease which is […]