How Ebola Virus Could Go Airborne and Kill Millions – Info from Experts

by admin on 14 September, 2014

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How Ebola Virus Could Go Airborne and Kill Millions
Info from Experts

Did you know that the top doctors as well as virologists are now saying the facts what Info-wars first reported – that the Ebola virus has mutated. This may results that Ebola virus have gone airborne and Ebola virus could kill millions.

The prevention is much  cheaper than cure. The Airports and Seaports should be taking actions to protect people from Ebola virus as well as other highly infectious diseases. These airports should be equipped with a protection equipment like Bio-Bag EBV-40 to isolate infected person from other passengers and the staff. This Bio-Bag EBV-40 is based on principle of negative pressure and therefore protecting the environment from infected patients.  The Bio-Bag EBV-40 can be used not only for Ebola virus. It  could be used with other infectious diseases like Hepatitis, Measles,  Hanta, Hemorrhagic Fevers, Rabies, Mad-Cow, Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Botulism, Polio as well as Anthrax .

The other advantage of a  Bio-Bag EBV-40 is that it can be used with positive pressure as well. Therefore a sensitive persons can be transported through impure environment.

The Ebola virus transmission internationally can be carried quickly via Airports and Seaports. If these are not prepared and ready, it can results in a big tragedy – plague.

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Its dangerous virus I am really afraid this virus.Let me know how can we protect from this virus.Lot of people already gone………….

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