The High Contagious Disease Protection – a Biobox EBXT 60 in the Havirov hospital

by admin on 7 August, 2014

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The High Contagious Disease Protection – a Biobox EBXT 60 in the Havirov hospital.

The isolation negative pressure chamber Biobox EBXT-06 with inflatable tubular construction is designed for isolation and hospitalization of people with highly dangerous infection like birds flue, Ebola and various viruses. Therefore this Biobox EBXT-06 protects the surroundings from highly dangerous infection transmission. This Biobox EBXT-06 has been installed in the Havirov hospital.

Biobox EBXT-06 has some of these features:

  • Can be quickly erected and serviceable within 15 minutes by two persons
  • Can have balanced air distribution inside the chamber through double roof
  • Its filtration-ventilation unit ensures complete air exchange in the isolation chamber every 2 minutes
  • An expelled air goes through HEPA-filter with built-in source of UV radiation which destroys captured organism
  • Biobox EBXT-06 has  filtration efficiency is 99,9995%
  • Through the use of entrance port it is possible to connect medical devices outwardly and thereby protect them from contamination, ports are also used for connection of infusions, respiratory device, etc.
  • Biobox EBXT-06 has facility for staff and equipment decontamination after exiting the chamber in attached decontamination module.

The isolation negative pressure chamber offers an immediate and highly effective isolation of contagious individuals.  There are also mobile biological protection units available.  For more info visit:



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